August 16, 2018

Pond House

Embraced by lush, sprawling greens and serene waters, the Ong Pond House is a captivating sight. It evokes lazy summer afternoons spent comfortably seated out on a wooden porch, with a steaming hot cup of co ee in hand, while looking out and admiring the tranquil beauty of Mother Nature.

The design promotes experiencing the surrounding nature while enjoying the comfortable homey interior. As it sits in the middle of a pond, it offers a living experience not like many others, and the architecture tastefully articulates it. The rooms open up to wide, spacious balconies that hug the entire exterior, so wherever you may be in the house, you can be sure to take in all that nature has to offer: the fresh breeze, the warm sunlight, maybe even a light drizzle of rain, and the breathtaking views of the pond and surrounding environment. Tall glass windows and doors allow the natural light to fill the rooms, which are intricately decorated with classic wood furnishings that bring in and further emphasize the natural feel of the design. The mix of modern and old-fashioned styles makes the house a charming space that is timeless in its beauty and practical in its function.

The energy of the house invites rest and relaxation, but also encourages communal celebration and togetherness. And in essence, that is what the Pond House is—a calm and welcoming space that is peaceful and idyllic; a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Project Name Pond House
Typology Residential
Location Zambales, Philippines