April 27, 2018

House in Greenhills

Standing in front of the main door of the Yu Residence, it is made immediately clear that this is by no means any ordinary space.

Leading towards the door, there is an extended walkway surrounded by pools of water—almost like a bridge—and flanked by wood-finish columns on both sides. The door is a striking piece of art itself. The handles form a circle, and the pattern of the wooden door draws lines from the center of the circle outwards, making the impression of rays of light. It is a mesmerizing sight, and creates a feeling quite like entering a calm space—a sanctuary; and it is a fitting statement for the house as a whole. Such a striking entrance nearly makes it intimidating, but inside, the opposite is true—the interior of the house has a so allure, evoking the stillness, depth and flow of water with its neat and open design. Using a light and natural color palette of whites and beiges, the overall appeal is gentle and elegant, with little pops of color coming from unique pieces of Asian-inspired décor that add person- ality to the space. Sunlight floods the entire home through the expansive floor-to-ceiling glass windows and sliding doors, complementing the natural interiors with a warm glow.

Outside, the towering columns supporting the house are impressive to behold, and emphasize the stately building’s height. The yard leads to a pool of water—like a lagoon—with a solitary gazebo structure in the middle of the water, where one can relax and fully experience the tranquility of the surroundings.

Ultimately, the design of the house is simple. Yet in its simplicity it is both powerful and delicate—like a dignified king that treats his subjects with benevolence; a quiet opulence that is peaceful, timeless and welcoming.

Project Name House in Greenhills
Typology Residential
Location Greenhills, San Juan, Philippines