October 23, 2018

House at Rutland Street

At first glance, the Rutland residence is immediately striking. The front walls are covered in wood panels arranged horizontally in a neat and even pattern. As a result, the different colors and shades of the wood used are highlighted—switching subtly from light yellows to rich cherry browns, creating a pattern pleasing to the eye. The house is surrounded by dense greenery, which, when combined with the wooden façade, makes it seem as if the house is a cabin hidden away in the forest; a sort of ultra-modern, secluded mountain lodge that is both stately and stylish.

The main entrance exudes the modern cabin-like feel in its own way. Warm wooden panels on the ceiling mirror the house’s exterior and provide continuity for the design. An unassuming dark wooden door stands proudly in the middle, flanked by two narrow, frameless glass panels. On the center of the door is a simple, antique-style door knocker. Overall, the effect is clean and elegant—clearly an encompassing phrase for the entire place.

The rest of the house is a classic take on the modern natural style in the best, most tasteful way possible. The cleanliness is almost austere: plain white walls emphasize the long, defined lines of the modern architecture; the clear, frameless glass windows and balcony railings neatly open up the whole area; and the dark wood ceiling and floors invite the surrounding nature into the space. The whole design of the Rutland residence is evidently simple, but it is the simplicity that makes it so stunning.


Project Name House at Rutland Street
Typology Residential
Location Antipolo City