September 27, 2018

House at Paris Street

The Ayento Residence challenges the use of different shades of wood in its design, and the result is a splendid work that is both elegant and laid-back. The exterior is one of the more striking features of the house. The entrance door and gates are made of thin panels of wood with a weathered finish, with streaks of gray and white mixing with the browns. This gives it a distinct aged look, which brings character and an almost mysterious personality to the façade. The large glass doors and windows are also framed in wood, and around the windows are wood tile accents in a slightly darker walnut finish, which gives warmth and depth to the overall look of the house.

Inside, a simple staircase area is transformed into a standout design marvel by using all wood in a natural finish. The hallway floors, stair handrail and steps are polished to perfection, which brings energy and a classic charm. Long horizontal wood panels line and add texture to the walls, elongating the space. The glass balustrade and the tall windows across allow light to bounce playfully off the smooth wood surfaces.

The natural brown tones are not only present in the wood but also in the furnishings. The interior is luxuriously decorated in warms beiges and browns, from the muted beige stone floor tiles, to the soft cream-colored sofa and rug, and the rosy brown leather dining chairs. The yard floor tiles outside feature the same weathered finish as the house’s exterior, which, when paired with the dazzling blue pool and the lush tropical flora, evoke the warm and calming feeling of relaxing in a tropical rainforest paradise. Overall, in its use of a variety of natural wood styles, stains and hues, the house exudes an air of natural finesse, confident in its simple sophistication.

Project Name House at Paris Street
Typology Residential
Location Batasan Hills, Quezon City