August 16, 2018

House at Madasalin Street

There are certain characteristics that come to mind when we think of the traditional Filipino image: hearty laughter, gracious hospitality, and a generous filial friendliness. This is the kind of charm that is called on by the design of the Mateo Residence.

The conventional quality of traditional architecture is enhanced by perfectly blending with modern elegance. This duality is the key point of the design.

Throughout the place, one can get a sense of warmth and comfort. Natural light is maximized by the numerous large glass doors and windows. The distinct traditional-style wood paneled windows are a standout feature of the architecture. It is a style that is classic and ageless; evoking both nostalgia and a humble sense of sophistication. This is complemented by a modern sleekness created through the clever use of lines and angles in the walls, floors and ceilings. This blend of modern and traditional styles can also be seen in the décor. Smooth and simple designs play well alongside the old-fashioned and ornate. Materials used in the furnishings range from handsome dark wood to cozy and comfortable fabrics. This all creates the feeling of a well-lived family home, conjuring up memories of heartwarming family gatherings and time spent happily together.

The classic and contemporary twist of the design gives the house its unique warm and easygoing quality—the same kind of feeling as coming home.

Project Name House at Madasalin Street
Typology Residential
Location Sikatuna Village, Quezon City