June 13, 2018

Corinthian Hills Residence

The Lorenzana Residence is an architectural masterpiece that successfully combines modern design with natural elements. From the entrance, there is an apparent contrast between the pearly white wall tiles and the heavy black floor tiles—a similarity to the balance of yin and yang. It is this balance that is visibly mastered and captured throughout the design of the structure.

The house is a majestic sight that is grand and subtle at the same time. It is e ortlessly refined, reflected in the clean and polished design. The recurring contrast of the black lines and pristine white walls of the exterior, and the warmth of natural wood married with the tall glass windows and doors all in all gives the house a tasteful and classic elegance.

A principal feature of the house has to be its exquisite gardens, which give it an overall feel of mystery; like a hidden paradise tucked away in some secret place. The garden itself is rich and plentiful, dotted with lush bushes and tall plants. Water ebbs and flows throughout the landscape, full of fish and teeming with life. Cutting a path through the gardens is a walkway made of black stone, which gives it a modern and opulent feeling. The path is framed by wooden posts and handrails, and sheltered by clear glass, which allows the warmth of the sunlight to meet with the dark stone floor. All of these contrasting elements epitomize the combination of sleek contemporary design and the serenity of nature, resulting in a harmonious space that is stylish, sophisticated and quietly Zen.

Project Name Corinthian Hills Residence
Typology Residential
Location Corinthians, Quezon City
Size 628 sqm.