October 23, 2018

Capitol Hills Residence

The color white is most commonly associated with cleanliness, simplicity, and purity. Many cultures throughout history customarily saw it as a color that symbolizes aristocracy and power. White is also largely thought to represent elegance and perfection—all of which are suitable notions to describe the Henson house with.

On the exterior, the house is stark white—blindingly beautiful under the bright sunlight—and is complemented by the subdued wood of the window frames and wall accents. A subtle theme can be seen in the materials used throughout the house: a parallel interplay between light and dark, glass and wood, and lines and curves, all brought together by the marriage of the clean, white space and warm natural tones. The entry hallway summarizes this well, and what an entryway it is: the main door is a grand piece of woodwork in a natural finish, with vertical glass panels on each side, and door handles that form an opaque black circle in the middle. A large window well above the door provides light that bounces off the textured white tiles of the high ivory walls. An impressive modern light fixture of three intersecting circles sits high above against the white ceiling, and the muted dark gray tile of the floor rounds everything off handsomely.

This theme provides the perfect setting for an interior that has the feeling of both “refined comfort” and “art showcase” at the same time. Each and every piece seems carefully curated—unique beige dining chairs with rectangular hollow backrests, dark brown leather armchairs, and various art pieces in different shades of brown and black—all placed accordingly to complement the design. Massive floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows provide continuity between the outdoors and indoors, further illuminating the alabaster walls and floors and emphasizing the wooden ceilings. Underneath the ultra-modern glass and wood staircase is a small indoor pebble garden—a classy touch to bring nature inside. Outdoors, chic patio furniture in dark brown and white decorate the flowing garden space, alongside a tranquil pool and a quietly splendid black water fountain.

The subtle and artful geometry that unifies the various elements results in a space that is neat and graceful, showcasing its luxury but not in extravagance. The Henson house is, as the phrase so aptly goes, a vision in white.

Project Name Capitol Hills Residence
Typology Residential
Location Diliman, Quezon City