April 27, 2018

1 Tamarind Residence

It is not every day that you find a house that you can describe with adjectives such as energetic, lively, vivacious—as if it were a person, a living thing. But then again, it is not every day that you find a house that is as alive as the Alcantara residence is.

As unusual it is to use them, words like energetic, lively and vivacious really are apt words for the Alcantara residence. There is a flow of energy that is so clear and present in the overall design of the place that it is almost palpable—you can just feel it, bustling and bright and buoyant. It is easiest to see in the colors used all over. The space is predominantly a modern white and earthy browns, but brought to life by flaming oranges and reds, yellows as golden as the sunrise, jade greens, blues and whites splashed generously and tastefully upon the heavily Asian-inspired décor. It is also evident—quite literally—in the abundance of life present: from the entrance and throughout the house the flora is rich and flourishing, with various plants breathing fresh air into every room, and a lush indoor garden at the heart of the house itself. Huge glass windows bring the warm sunlight in, and the heightened ceilings and the open floor plan all help the energy flow naturally.

Nothing brings to life an interior as much as fine woodwork does, and here, it is masterful. Handsome, heavy double doors make way for slender and ornate Asian-style furnishings inside. Chairs and tables in various types of fine wood are carved and shaped in exquisite curves and patterns. The woodwork itself is about as artful as the art that it showcases: a large collection of Asian pottery and ceramics in a multitude of colors and designs, the distinct Chinese blue and white perhaps most notable of all. The elegant use of complementary materials—the glass table tops, the gold and bronze metal fixtures and décor, a statement black and gold art piece against a wall—make the whole design come together. Modern and traditional Asian styles meet to form a space that is undoubtedly sophisticated, vibrant, and full of soul.


Project Name 1 Tamarind Residence
Typology Residential
Location Makati City